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"Kaleidoscopic, liquid beauty.....
tremendously stimulating." Three Weeks

Welcome to Phil Bancroft’s fantastic multi-media musical odyssey- exploring what ‘Home’ means to us, today.

Phil explains: “I started thinking about the word ‘Home’, at the time of The Homecoming. As an idea it became very rich. If you look across the room at someone- a stranger or someone you know well- Where do they come from? What was their childhood like? What does feeling ‘at home’ mean to them? What is their home like, their home life? What do they do there? What do they feel about where they live, their country, the government, their planet? These things are very central to who we are as people and who we are as a society. It captured my interest, so I found it a beautiful theme to create a show about.”

Featuring.... Live concerts, fantastic new music, a beautiful 7-piece band, video, an interactive website where you can upload images and text....

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Then come to one of the 'Small As The World' performances,
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Forthcoming live!

Videos from our Scottish Tour 2012

Live Skype link-ups between Scottish venues and Musicians playing from their homes around the world.

From New York City to Oban:
Jazz saxophonist Loren Stillman and his dog Skeeter here.

From Chennai, India to Edinburgh:
Carnatic violinist Kumaresh Rajagopalan duets with fiddler Aidan O'rourke here.

From Surrey, London to the Isle Of Skye:
Jazz saxophonist Tony Kofi and his son Mingus here.

Phil Bancroft- Saxophones
Paul Harrison- Keyboards
Mario Caribe- Acoustic Bass
Graeme Stephen- Guitar
Felicity Provan- Trumpet
Aidan O’Rourke- Fiddle
Stu Ritchie- Drums

Tour supported by Creative Scotland

See REVIEW from recent Manchester Jazz Festival Performance...here

See VIDEO of amazing solo by Guitar Genius Mike Walker- live via Skype from his own home, during the Manchester Jazz Festival Gig in 2010 ....here

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