About 'Home Small As The World'

A major new step from one of Scotland’s most inventive musicians, Phil Bancroft’s Home, Small As The World, collides the power of music, visual image, & communications technology with the inner worlds and memories of you, the audience, to launch a moving collective enquiry, celebrating what ‘Home’ means to us, today.

Qn: What is 'Home, Small As The World’?

Ans: A 2-year multimedia project.

Combining an interactive website with a series of live performances around the UK and Europe, featuring composed and improvised music, leading jazz and folk musicians, audience participation, and visual images and words submitted by audience members.

With each performance, the project will grow, aiming to produce a web archive exploring where we are, what we feel about our homes, our countries, our life, our planet.

The fantastic Debut Concert was at the Edinburgh International Jazz Festival, on Monday 3rd August 2009, Bosco Theatre, George Square, Edinburgh.
This website will soon contain extended footage of the joyful debut gig.

Debut Gig- Standing Ovation!!!

Forthcoming live!