Why 'Home', Why Now?

Qn: Why explore the concept of ‘Home’ now?

Ans: Our relationship with what ‘Home’ means to us
is at a pivotal point.

While, our homes remain the hub of our lives, personal and professional, many things in our lives are radically changing around us.

With the internet, our ability to work, shop, consume, and communicate with the world without leaving our home is unparalleled in human history.

After 10 years of home improvement TV shows and a housing bubble, the housing market has collapsed leading to record home repossessions, leaving our relationship with home ownership abruptly changed.

Family structures and gender roles continue to be challenged and redefined.

After years of the 'War On Terror', and civil liberties being sacrificied in the name of security, issues of national identity, race, religion, culture and immigration dominate our politics.

Our trust in our system of government has been undermined by dodgy dossiers, spin and expenses scandals.

Our planet is our collective home, and we’re facing serious questions about the future of our environment.

What effect are all these changes having on us?
On the way we think and feel about our homes?

The concept of Home contains many themes:

Home as place- house, street, town, landscape, country, planet earth
Home as relationships-Family, partner, friends, children, pets

Home as culture- nation, race, religion, class, gender, sexuality, immigration & emigration

Home as your childhood- where you grew up
Home as objects- furniture, ornaments, books, material, style
Home as functions- cooking eating, sleeping, washing, dressing, sex
Home as a state of mind- feeling 'At Home' in your skin

Home and Communications Technology

Home as a place of conflict- most arguments, violence, abuse occur at home
Home as privacy/secrecy- what happens behind closed doors

Home as start/end point of a journey

Home as identity- feeling at home in your own skin, at home with yourself and your surroundings

Home as our habitat, our environment, our planet

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