Why Music?

Qn: Why Music?

Ans: From Phil Bancroft......

"Music can entertain us, get our bodies moving, make us feel, change our headspace and our mood.

But can music show us things?
Can it help us understand things in a unique way?

I believe music has it’s own sense, its own meaning, which works in a different way to visual images and to written or spoken language, but can still communicate very powerfully and very specifically.

At it’s best, music is a language able to convey what words and images cannot.

Improvised music in particular, combining the reactions and instincts of more than one person in real-time, throws up textures and moments that no single person could have thought of. It takes us places we can’t get to any other way.

In this project I was interested in exploring what role music could play. By fusing the potential of music, words and images, ‘Home, Small As The World’ aims to enrich our understanding of what 'Home' means to us now."

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