I felt/feel farthest from Home.......

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I felt farthest from home when the stars changed.


When in a car with two strangers in Moscow with no family around, aged 14.

Anon-Manchester RNCM audience

I felt furthest from home when in hospital just down the road at the age of 5.

Anon-Manchester RNCM audience

When I was in hospital for a fortnight.


When I lived 2 miles up the road from my husband while we were separated.


When I felt farthest from myself.

nuala kennedy

Travelling in Ecuador and receiving an email telling me that my Grandpa had passed away.


Travelling in Ecuador and receiving an email telling me that my Grandpa had passed away.


Whenever I am lonely.


aged 14, missing the last bus to riva del garda in north of italy, after a journey of epic proportions...and sitting in the train station toilet all night..


After 9/11 being stranded in Italy with no flights and desperately wantng to be back in Scotland


Still living with my husband as we were in the process of separating. Lonely and no warm comfy sofa protecting either of us from the pain.


6 years ago, when working in Glasgow on a job I was unhappy in.

hildegarde von bingen

The first few days when I moved to Glasgow for university. I walked streets I didn't know for hours on my own. Then I would call home from a pay phone on the corner and get them to call me back free.


In a foreign country where my surroundings are unfamiliar.


unwell in college halls in France.


the night spent in an army jail on Crete.

Larry Anonymous

Living in London.

Ross Wight

In London about 1980, aged 20. Missed the train, given a hard time by the person I went with, and could not see any fields. Alien.


When I returned home for summer after been away studying for the first time. Home had not changed, I had. I didn't want to change because home wouldn't mean the samething, it would not be the same.

Sam Philips

Lying in bed, alone and awake, at 3 in the morning.

Ben Dunn

hungover and in the bed of an ex partner


When on holiday for two weeks, and not with the person who I was in love with at that time in my life.


I feel farthest from home when I am in another city, alone, in the rain.


When I was there


Tamil Nadu - references to different mythologies from the ones I grew up with.

cooperative anarchist

I felt farthest from home when living with my parents.

Peter Pan's Wendy

I was 15 when I first travelled to America with a band. I had never been so far away or for so long. I was excited by the new experiences but had an overwhelming intermittent sadness. Home sickness.


Usually in a hotel room somewhere in the Far East when I've just started a 2 week business trip. But it passes quickly as I learn about the culture I'm visiting.


In Kansas City I was 12 & went for a haircut. I was told "We don't cut your kind of hair downtown. Go to a barber with your own kind." I felt very far from Scotland where pals would’ve defended me.


at my dance show in Edinburgh

Annabelle aged 5

during the despair of broken frienship when, for what seemed like eternity, home eluded me.


When I've been touring for a long time and haven't seen my family.


In downtown New York -exciting but not like home.


I was driving me and my sister to granny's house, to be with the family. Granny had just died. Then we had a car crash. It was hell "oh god, the world is imploding and I'm so far away from home."

tweed poncho

Sitting on a beach in Mazatlan, Mexico, looking out on the Pacific Ocean and watching pelicans flying past. It felt a long way from Scotland!!

Football Jon

When I was abroad with no money to call family.


without music


10m down in Loch Long


In a rainforest in Northern Ecuador.


When I’m literally disconnected with the earth- in a plane, on a boat. I’ve felt at a great distance from home in places where I’ve felt little connection to the culture or people- Las Vegas, LA etc.


Orkney and I loved it. It was the first time that I have felt apart of the world like I was looking down on our planet from afar. I’ve lived much further from home but never felt as far.


when I’m away from my Mum.


When moored in La Coruna, Galicia with a couple of arseholes I was stupid enough to go sailing with. It was pre mobile days and the Poste Restante had no mail for me.


Living and working in Londan as a student when I became a stereotype called "jock"


In a police station outside Paris. But that's another story.


Well I guess i am far from home now as i live in Australia but to be honest this feels like the home I love and I have not plans to leave.


When I went back to visit my parents last winter in the company of my 8 year old son.


After my parents divorce.


When I was in San Francisco about to fly home and the car bomb attack at Glasgow had just happened and Glasgow airport was closed and I wasn't sure if I'd get home. Horrible!

Sophie B

Crossing the border from Kazhakstan to China in 1993


In a hospital bed in 1981


Travelling home, but alone, from Australia with someone missing and too much left unsaid


when Im having a bad day at work and long for comfort and familiarity.

treacle toes

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