My background is.... ?

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Family largely from London, kind of cockney, quite a few of the singalong round the old joanna types. Lately gentrified and living in suburbs.


Scottish/Irish working class.


I come from a land where mythology was taught as part of history, where children picked up flying saucers from the ground, blessed them and ate them like holy communion wafers.

nuala kennedy

Pretty much Scottish through and through. Have tried to trace some more exotic genes but to no avail...just a wee bit of English a few generations back!


Pretty much Scottish through and through. Have tried to trace some more exotic genes but to no avail... just a wee bit of English a few generations back!


I come from scotland but I do not sound scottish, despite knowing my family history I am told I cannot claim to be scottish


birth, origins and ancestry are korean...
though being brought up by korean parents in the west results in something other...


I'm proud to be Scottish


Half Swedish/ half English, brought up in London, Uganda, Edinburgh.. Confused childhood? Not at all - an amazingly stable upbringing considering!


From Scotland. Born in Edinburgh, though from a Northern Irish background. Work has taken me all over the UK, Europe & the States, but here I am, having chosen Edinburgh as my place

hildegarde von bingen

I recently discovered my Grandad was adopted and so my family name is from his adopted parents not his birth parents, which means its hard to trace too far back on that side of my family...


I come from Brasil, but i live in Scotland. My parents, my brother and I moved here when i was 1 year old. My grandparents all come from Brasil and my great-grandparents come from Italy and Spain.


Anglo-scot, loving, hard-working, businessman father, fun-loving artistic mother - only child in the middle!


An experiment gone bad in a time/travel laboratory somewhere near the former island called Sicily. Low boil point Med heads. Origin unknown.

Larry Anonymous

I am Scottish 100% but a lot of scots deny me that herritage because of my north of England Accent.

Ross Wight

Scottish, Edinburgh, from a long line of doctors on both sides of my family but with lots of sparky characters thrown in for hybrid vigour. All a bit "work ethic" - and I have inherited that too.


A big family who live quite close together geographically, and are very close with each other. Always there for each other; to support, laugh, be sad and of course party together.

Sam Philips

The time that I spent in a place and the features of that place which I feel reside in me most prominently.

Ben Dunn

it's separated but close when you find it.


A mixed town with a mixed family.


I come from a country that loves itself...


British Isles

cooperative anarchist

My father was a policeman who had a temper. Both parents were perfectionists nothing was ever good enough, no room for failure. They came from a mining background and wanted more for us.

Peter Pan's Wendy

My mother's Irish and my dad's grandfather was also, so I connect strongly with Ireland's history and culture. But I was brought up in Argyll and feel very Scottish.


I'm of reiving stock but vaguely Norse too. I was born and raised in Edinburgh, but home is really Sutherland. Having lived abroad, I'm convinced there is a peculiar Scottish world view. I share it.


I’m a Black MacKenzie from Kirkintilloch raised in Glasgow's Royston Hill on Rhymer Street in the Garn' Gadd district by my Mother Margaret & loving protective neighbors who were great mentors.


brought up on a farm with my mummy and daddy and my wee sister and wee brother

Annabelle aged 5

I came from people who make things happen - and failed.


I'm French but no-one recognises it...


My ancestry is a mixture of Christian and Jewish. I grew up unaware of my Jewish origins reflecting the anti-semitism that prevailed at that time. My background was British middle class.


Born in a scheme in Edinburgh, was turning into a wee thug. Lucky by the age of 8 we moved to the Highlands, to a beautiful area surrounded by fields and trees and I started to enjoy life.

tweed poncho

Born in Dundee, to English parents, which confused my identity as I a child. Studied in England for four years but apart from that I've lived my life in Scotland and would call myself Scottish.

Football Jon

I would describe my ancestry as mixed, with different nationalities such as Norwegian, Vietnamese and Irish all of which have left their mark on me.


celtic, traveller, musician, activist, taking the other path & falling over the edge too easily, trusting in love, trusting of love, fighting for love to win.


Eldest child, Northern England, Grammar School, first in family to University, first to divorce!


My mother was American, of Irish and Swedish descent. My father is English of West Country and Scottish descent.


English mainly but a wee bit Scottish and a wee bit Irish.


Mum’s side- Jewish/French/English, Dad’s-American/English.
Music & creativity are huge influences from my family going back generations.
Dad’s ancestry hasn’t much bearing on me as a person.


West of Scotland working-class family with middle-class aspirations for their kids.


God forsaken, miserable, inward looking communities of the borders. Dysfunctional disapproving calvinists mixed with likeable drunks,socilaists, and naer do wells.


Glasgow's East end - Scottish of Irish descent, plenty of the usual exposure to alcohol abuse, mental health problems, sectarianism, with a good dollop of prayers and music thrown in...


Scottish, middle class,disfunctional family with lots of death and sadness,and a mum who tried so hard to make fun.


Somewhere I am sure, I have very little deep rooted attraction to where I came from. Its not very important.


I'm from Edinburgh with family connections to Aberdeen and Glasgow. I love my Scottish roots and the cultural atmosphere in which I grew up.


I grew up in Scotland, was born in london, have ancestors from Scotland, Ireland, England and France that I know about and suspect there are some from elsewhere that I don't know.

Sophie B

Edinburger who's been around a bit.


Honest, north east England shortarses


Scottish brought up in a chilled (as I remember) farming environment. Two parents and two sisters, hundreds of animals.


White, scottish, welsh, irish mix - a latent red head. Working class to middle class homes with a few of the aspirational furnishings of the seventies.

treacle toes

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