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For me, Home is...

Picking strawberries that I have grown in my polytunnel for breakfast for myself and my husband. Walking on the beach which is only 2 minutes from my home.

Susaidh Arnold

My background is....

From Newbury in Berkshire, mother Welsh, father English but moved away aged 16 to explore the world, well, 45 miles away. Paris for a year, then London, then Newbury and now The Isle of Skye.

Susaidh Arnold

I remember as a child...

Getting left behind in the school's outside toilets, aged 5, and being 'rescued' and brought home on the saddle of a 'big boy's' bike. Roy Castle was 11 at the time, I think.

Susaidh Arnold

I felt/feel farthest from Home.......

On St Kilda

Susaidh Arnold

Home, to me, looks like........

I am coming to the Small As The World Gig in

Forthcoming live!