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Alex Fiennes - Sound Engineer/Website

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Alex Fiennes is technical director of Dialogues festival and is currently co-authoring software with Murray Campbell for the spatialisation of Queens Hall via the octaphonic sound system.

When not working on dialogues, Alex works as a freelance sound and recording engineer, doing sound for Scandinavian electro-acoustic outfits Puma and Lapslap and otherwise works on his other day job as head and chief freelance data wrangler for

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Guy Bolton-King - Website Developer

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Guy works with Alex on designing bespoke websites for He lives in Inverness, and likes to go running in his lunch break.

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Joshua Armstrong- Production Advisor

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Joshua Armstrong was born and raised in Ohio. After living in New York City for a bit, he moved to Glasgow to study at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. He now works as a freelance performance-based visual artist.

Josh currently lives in Glasgow with his immaculate flatmate who will soon be leaving for an eastern-Asian tour, leaving him flat hunting for the future. Though he may be lonely, he prefers the idea of living alone so that he can do as he pleases, most likely to the dismay of his organisational skills.

Deep-down he still thinks of home as Cleveland, Ohio where his family still resides.

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Louis Decarlo - Photography

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Larry Deluxe (Louis's creative alter ego) was born into a Sicilian-American family shortly after Mussolini had been dragged by his ankles through the streets of Rome. He was educated by frustrated nuns and maniacal priests for years before escaping into the world of agnostic freedom and hallucinogenic abstraction.

Home has always been important and far too late in life he discovered that home is where you are surrounded by loved ones and domesticated animals, comfortable beds and full refrigerators and a huge couch for discipline and discovery.

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